The MMIS Enterprise Systems Conference, or the MESC, is a big event for the netlogx team.  Our planning and preparation begins early in the year and doesn’t end until the conference is over.  Before the conference, we’re planning the layout for the booth, advertisements, media and giveaways.  Applying our project management and Six Sigma disciplines, we begin planning for the next conference as soon as the current conference begins.  We continually evaluate what is working and what could be improved for next year’s conference.

As I reflect on the three years that netlogx has attended the MESC, I believe that the investment we make in planning pays off in the calm and relaxed environment that exudes from our booth.  Our team is able to enjoy the conference and the interactions we have with everyone we meet.

In our inaugural year, we had put together a very nice booth.  We were proud to be at the conference, but our staff was a little tentative when conversing with the people who came to visit us.  In year two, we launched the concept of relaxing and recharging in our booth.  We purchased very comfortable and inviting furniture, set up equipment to allow people to come in and charge their cell phones while they conversed with us.  We found people migrating to our booth to put their feet up and charge their phones.  Our staff was much more confident in their interactions with the conference attendees as they “worked” the booth.

In our third year at the MESC, I saw a maturity and the true personality of netlogx exuding from our booth.  Our team was inviting without being aggressive. They engaged in conversations with people who wanted to talk to us but they didn’t force themselves upon people.  In essence, the awkwardness that might have been a byproduct of our infancy at the conference is gone.  The team has blossomed with confidence and the results are promising.  We were able to have meaningful conversations that we hope will grow into opportunities for business growth.

I believe that the third time may be the charm!  We are well on our way to planning our fourth conference with what we believe is the secret sauce.  Stay tuned for the report from the 2015 MESC in Des Moines, Iowa.