netlogx has developed an internal project management office and within this a team of professionals work to improve internal processes and procedures as well as responding to client requests for additional services. Recently I was asked to attend a WebEx meeting as a project coordinator, taking notes and tracking action items. It came as quite a surprise when expecting a routine, run-of-the-mill meeting it ended up being one of the most captivating I’ve been to for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it quickly became apparent that the external participants had numerous project-related challenges and were in a less-than-perfect situation overall. Secondly, it became increasingly evident that communication was not one of their key attributes.

This may sound as though the meeting should have left me with rather a negative impression, however, thanks to the netlogx participants this wasn’t the case. Polite and professional throughout the meeting and at the same time demonstrating pure project management prowess, it was for me fascinating to watch three masters in action.


The potential problems with the project were fully highlighted through a series of intensive questions which could have satisfied doubts as to whether or not the project management team representing netlogx was the best team for the job. This was not the case.


The team was then challenged to put together three individual project management proposals and was given approximately half an hour to prepare. I started to feel a little apprehensive at this point on their behalf but at the same time I was intrigued to see what they would produce when working under pressure.


Undeterred our specialists rose to the occasion and produced three distinct proposals which were then presented with gusto. This only went to further demonstrate their level of expertise and natural instinct in solving complex project management problems.

Six Sigma Circle

I have read about Six Sigma and have a general appreciation for what it entails, however, reading about it and seeing it first-hand are two very different things. This meeting was the first time I had seen Six Sigma black belts in action and I genuinely came away from the meeting feeling inspired and proud to work for netlogx.

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“We need to make sure we are eating our own ‘dog food’ when it comes to project management
disciplines” -Nick Taylor, netlogx Partner.