Webinars – boring and useless? I beg to differ. While it may be true that at times seemingly obvious or basic information may be relayed, on the whole I would quibble that in every Webinar I have attended I have learnt at least a handful of useful things which arguably make it worthwhile attending one. I also get value from hearing what I already know confirmed and am reminded to leverage this knowledge too! Webinars (or Web-based seminars) could take the form of a presentation, lecture, or workshop and are transmitted over the Web. Unlike Webcasts which only transmit information from the presenter to the audience, Webinars facilitate collaboration and interaction in the forms of polling and real-timequestion and answer sessions. Webinars also allow multicast communications to be shared simultaneously, across geographically dispersed locations. Not convinced? Read on my friend.

There are a wide variety of Webinars regularly available. For instance, over the course of the last three months I have attended the following:

  • Becoming a business analyst
  • Five social media tools you can use to market and promote your business
  • Why small businesses need to pay attention to Google Plus
  • Free on-line tools you can use to accelerate your business growth
  • The seven ‘must-dos’ of success
  • How to manage your time and build a great business
  • Low cost, no cost marketing tools you can use to grow your business
  • Trade show promotions: Getting more of the right people into your booth
  • How to build an effective website

Webinars are more often than not free. That certainly sounds like value for money to me. In addition to this it is frequently possible to obtain the Webinar presentation notes which you can then cascade as required throughout your department or company.

Forget whatever misguided preconceptions you may have previously had, attend a Webinar soon!

Networking Tip (learnt from a recent Webinar): When you are networking do not introduce yourself first, ask the person what their name is and what they do. When you then introduce yourself, link it back to what they do and how your company could help them.




In today’s knowledge-based economy, what you earn depends on what you learn. -William J. Clinton