I recently attended the MESConference in Boston, MA. I am proud that my main responsibility was to “man” our netlogx booth during the Booth Exhibition Hours. I truly enjoyed meeting and getting to know the guests who visited our booth #57.

As I would share our relationship speech of how netlogx solves complex problems, I would give a pen to our booth guests. I would tell them our netlogx green pen was “bedazzled” because we are a woman-owned company. As a result, we have bedazzled pens. Our other give away was a green luggage spotter Booth guests would ask, “What is that?” as they pointed to the stack of luggage spotters. I would tell them it is a luggage spotter, “Let me show you how it works,” and I would attach it to the handle of their bag. This unplanned marketing strategy proved to be very effective; at times we lost count of how many netlogx’ luggage spotters were proudly being displayed on attendees’ bags around the conference.

Further proof of how effective these items were was when a lady came to our booth who loved the bedazzled pen and luggage spotter. She brought her friends and co-workers back not once but twice. By the third time, she came to our booth I started in on my spiel and she asked, “May I do it?” “Of course,” I said. She began emulating me by telling her friends, “netlogx has a bedazzled pen because they are a woman-owned company and they like flare.  This is their great give away…a luggage spotter. Let me show you how it works.” She attached it to her friend’s conference bag. She looked at me and said, “How did I do?” I responded, “You did an outstanding job and you are hired to share the netlogx message!”

Our pre-conference planning team spent countless hours preparing for the 2012 MESC. However, nothing can compare to being live and sharing the great message about netlogx!  That type of sales instinct is priceless!





Good instincts usually tell you what to do long before your head has figured it out – Michael Burke.