There was a lot to be said for the plain old telephone service (POTS)! For a start the worst thing that could happen to you is that your conversation would be overheard. Now of course that could be by accident or by wiretapping. Either way it was generally accepted that to transact “real business” such as banking, you had to turn up in person and identify yourself to make the process authentic and secure. You had to do bizarre things like offer a form of identification, often even more than one. You had to sign your name and have it authenticated against the signature on file and then, and only then could you get your money.

Not so much nowadays! Now, with a couple of clicks you can move money, pay bills and otherwise destabilize western economies. You can do this from the comfort of your couch on your phone, while wearing pajamas or in fact nothing at all! The internet does not care and pretty much dares you to do so!

Security Shmuckurity! Oh sure you have passwords, your mother’s maiden name and the make and model of the first car you owned….but are you really secure? NOOOOOOO! And, what is worse than that the phone that you are using is also now full of the cool apps that you spent the previous hour installing.

What did you do? Did you check what the app wanted permission to on your phone? Do you care why that app needs access to your phone’s memory or your contact list? Do you stop and wonder why it tracks sites that you visit?

No you don’t, because all you did was click ok and rush to play the latest replacement for the immortal Cow Clicker game (there could never be another) didn’t you? Go on admit it!

Well, sadly for you that app just collected your passwords, which are still in memory, and all you contacts and recent sites visited and sent all your banking information to Russia.

Stop using your phone like a toy and using it to handle your money!!!

Don’t run Facebook near ChasePNCBarclays Money Mover. (Here comes the usual rant)….don’t use the FB parasite at all. Get it off your phone and computer. Just say no to stupidity.

It’s a wild world out there. Remove apps that want permissions they just don’t need. Make sure all the apps are patched and treat your phone like it is cash.

People, please! Remember charity begins at home. If you have money to throw away just wind the windows down on your car and lob $20 bills out of them.

POTS…now those were the days!


If your password is your name…you deserve to be hacked. – Unknown


Phone Apps “leak” Personal Information