Recently, netlogx held our annual Christmas party. We caught up with Audrey Taylor, Elizabeth Szentes, Tina Smith, Kristina O’Neil, Henry Will (Summer 2012 Intern), and Tara Morse to get their impressions of the wonderful evening.

Was this your first netlogx Christmas party? If so, what were your initial impressions? If no, how was this year different from previous years?

Tina: This was my first Christmas party. It was an incredible opportunity to get to know other netlogx team members and their spouses.  We are all so busy working on projects that we don’t get a lot of time to get to know each other.  The Taylors are so generous in allowing us the opportunity to share an elegant evening together.
Kristina: No, it wasn’t my first. Differences from previous years – awesome set-up, great food, with a nice, elegant feel.
Tara: It was my second netlogx Christmas party, it was elegant, the table coverings and chairs were a nice elegant touch. There never seems enough time to socialize but no one wants to be out too late either.
Elizabeth: No, this was my third party. I love watching how the netlogx family has grown. It is really neat to see our team members out of the work mode and enjoying an elegant dinner with their “special guests”.
Henry: It was my first Christmas party. I was initially surprised to see people I had never seen around the office or in forum meetings before. I was also surprised at the number of people that attended; netlogx is growing rapidly.
Audrey: I was at the first party (that wasn’t Chinese take out at chez Taylor) which was a table for eight (including trusted partners) at Rick’s Café Boatyard in Indianapolis. The next year we had a table for approximately 14 (still including trusted partners) at Rick’s Café Boatyard and discovered the relationships amongst us through schools and church that made for a real community.
By 2010 we could have a private room at Rick’s Café Boatyard and I had to make a toast that required me to stand up and ask for quiet!
By 2011 we’d outgrown Rick’s and moved to the Stutz Building car room – and we had a great time.
By 2012 we almost filled the Stutz Building’s car room and our improvements from 2011 really paid off. I also had to draft in a co speaker as there was so much to cover.

What was your favorite part of the Christmas party?  

Tina: My favorite part of the party was seeing everyone dressed up and enjoying each other’s company outside of the hustle and bustle of the workday.
Kristina: Visiting with co-workers and their spouses. It was great to get to know people outside of the project team.
Tara: Dinner was lovely but again short-lived.
Elizabeth: Not having to be in charge of the party this year. I loved the great team effort by Tina and Stephanie and all the other netlogx family members that assisted. (Too many to mention and I don’t want to leave anyone out.)
Henry: The location. Eating next to those cars was amazing.  Seeing Audrey and Nick present together was entertaining as well.
Audrey: Mixing with the team members and the Italian cream cake and seeing our wonderful team enjoying themselves.

Were you involved in the preparations?

Tina: Yes.  This was my first attempt at managing a project for netlogx.  A lot of work went into managing the caterer, the security, the menu (making sure we covered any special dietary needs), the music, the event location, set up and tear down and tablescapes to mention a few.  It was a lot but I used project skills I learned from working with the Taylors and netlogx team members.  With any project there is risk.  Who knew that no one on the project team knew how to tie a pretty bow for the tablescapes?   Next year we mitigate the effects by putting that beautiful bow maker on the planning team.  
Kristina: No. It was marvelous! Stylish-elegance.
Tara: No, I actually thought about this prior to this question, the time it took to find gifts, wrap them, personalized notes from Audrey, moving 50 poinsettia to the party, setting up audio/visual.
Elizabeth: I was not directly involved. The room looked wonderful! I loved the chair covers, slideshow, gifts for team members, and the fact the large majority of our team members attended.
Henry: I helped bring down the presents and some other materials from the office. It wasn’t that hard.
Audrey: Only to write my notes which, whilst a growing task, is a humbling experience as there is now real prep time required. Stephanie, again, thank you for helping me.

“I hope that I never lose the sense of wonder as to what we are accomplishing together” – Audrey Taylor

What did it mean to you to get to celebrate Christmas with the netlogx team?  

Tina: It meant so much to see our netlogx family celebrate Christmas together and see the amazing amount of giving our team members have shown by all of their donations to the Dress for Success program as our charity this year.
Kristina: It was a great opportunity to build stronger relationships within the netlogx family.
Tara: Not sure how to answer this one.
Elizabeth: Since I spend the majority of my day with my fellow team members, I relish the idea of celebrating Christmas with the netlogx family. netlogx is a special part of my life.
Henry: It was very nice seeing people outside of the office and socializing.
Audrey: Seeing our team of professionals and realizing how many places we are now impacting and interacting with is humbling. I hope that I never lose the sense of wonder as to what we are accomplishing together and that our team continues to view it as something we are doing together.