Elizabeth Szentes

A NAWBO Indy luncheon is an event I always look forward to attending each month. I enjoy the friendships and the business connections I have made over the years with women business owners. For the January NAWBO luncheon I was especially anticipating the event because I knew Lynn Zettler, President of Life Action Coaching was presenting Embrace Goals with Intentions. I loved the quote she shared, “It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision.” ~ Helen Keller.  Lynn had us write down our goal with a date we were going to accomplish it by. In addition she shared:  SMART GOALS  S = Specific, M=Measurable, A=Attainable, R=Relevant and T=Time element.  We listed our Potential Obstacles (what might get in the way of achieving our goal?) and our Intentions (what behavior do we want to change?). I really enjoyed this approach as it was a different way of considering “New Year’s Resolutions”. Less than 20% of people are successful in keeping their new year’s resolutions. I recommend utilizing Lynn’s approach – Embrace Goals with Intentions. You will have success in meeting your goals.

Stephanie Sponsel

Lynn is a great lady and speaker. When I first heard Lynn say we were going to have to interact with each other I thought ‘oh great”. Then she had us write down something that we wanted to achieve in 2013. Lynn then made us talk through our goals with someone that we were not too familiar with at our table. I found that to be fantastic! My partner was able to give me insight on how I could achieve those goals and steps along the way. It was very beneficial to both of us hearing someone else’s opinion.

Vicki Chabot

I love writing lists almost as much as making resolutions. These can be traditional New Year’s resolutions, the less well known Chabot September resolutions or even my Monday resolutions – start the week as you mean to go on! This in mind, I was more than a little bit excited when at a recent NAWBO luncheon we were asked to write down our resolutions for the year as well as developing strategies for how we were going to implement them. Our presenter, Lynn Zettler, did a highly motivational, interactive session which left me feeling confident that I would be able to fulfill my latest list of resolutions!