I recently attended a NAWBO luncheon in which thought leadership was discussed. I found the event to be both useful and thought-provoking. My attention was immediately caught with the first presentation and the catchy ‘Right here, right now!” soundtrack which was very apt for the occasion.

Throughout the luncheon we received some valuable pieces of advice. These included:

  • Cut through the clutter
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition
  • Subscribe to the IBJ daily newsletter
  • Use direct mail whenever possible
  • Make a commitment to social media
  • You don’t always have to look like the Manager to work effectively with your team
  • Stick to the facts, never speculate
  • Use traditional advertising to compliment free advertising options
  • Find creative ways to get your voice heard
  • Develop an integrated communication strategy

I found the variety of keynote speakers to be highly engaging; each had their own personalized view about what makes an effective thought leader. It was inspirational to hear their different experiences and the many different faces of what a successful thought leader may look like.

I found this NAWBO event very intriguing. We had some great key note speakers. It was great to hear different points of views on different businesses. One of the speakers owned a heating and cooling business. I really liked his speech, particularly, because he felt like an everyday average Joe who knew the struggles of keeping employees happy but also having a successful business to run.

Some of the valuable pieces of advice were great as well! I liked how they said to use traditional advertising and to stick with the direct mail but to make sure that when you are using social media to make sure it’s up to date and someone is actually paying attention. I think that often companies can struggle with all the moving parts of advertising and some get left behind.


“Successful thought leadership is about creating exceptional content that provides insight into business issues. That’s what makes executive buyers choose one firm over another.”  – The Thought Leadership Marketing Equation.

“Potential Thought Leadership = Genius + Passion + Attitude” – Rick Hubbard in: Thought Leadership 2.0