If only there was a video of Nick Taylor dancing….  Yes, he danced at the monthly team meeting while demonstrating a similar dance he recently saw in an inspiring TED video regarding how to start a movement.



Audrey Taylor had just emotionally shared a history of the 15-years of netlogx as we are celebrating our 15th birthday this week.  The journey from she alone working from her kitchen table to a thriving company nearing 50 employees and who was just recognized as one of the fastest growing companies by the Indianapolis Business Journal, has all of us at netlogx wanting to jump up and join the dance.


As Nick indicated, Audrey started dancing, he followed and now we are all part of this movement.

netlogx and its new business units plan to continue dancing.

Dance with us!!

Quote:  Leaders must encourage their organizations to dance to forms of music yet to be heard. – Warren G. Bennis

By Kristin Seed