Too much work! Businessman juggling.


What does a Project Coordinator do?  Plug in the computer, log into the client and netlogx emails, check the calendar for daily activities, follow up on action items, meet with team members, send email updates and reminders, attend meetings, take notes, update action item logs, read, format and file documents;  explore methods of organizing, documenting and archiving the details of the project in order to maintain consistency and clarity for those impacted stakeholders;  schedule meetings with 3-4 different calendars, conference lines and meeting rooms (with an understanding that the meeting may even be cancelled the next day).  Create training manuals, teach others to use communication tools like SharePoint and email networks, on-board new project participants.  Often times, the Project Coordinator is behind the scenes – keeping all things running smoothly, so no one has to ask, “Where is this? Or “How do I get to this?” Or, if someone does, the Project Coordinator has the answer.

Some days I feel this blog should read: “What DON’T Project Coordinators do?”


Quote:  If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. The more things you do, the more you can do. –  Lucille Ball