On-boarding, ramp-up time, new employee training – it doesn’t matter what you call it, we’ve all been there.  There are the routine HR items – federal forms, state forms, internal HR forms.  There are the routine technology items – here is your laptop, here are your starter passwords, here are your keys/card access to the building and here’s how the phone system works.

But no one covers your real questions – where does everyone go to lunch, is there a group that hangs out on Friday nights at the end of the work week, how much coffee can I drink before I feel guilty that I’m taking more than my share.

 Lady runningIt’s almost like junior high all over again.  The real things you want to learn center around forming relationships and fitting into the culture of your new surroundings.

Client relationships are the same way.  “Hey, will you have lunch with me?  If we have similar interests and styles, should we partner?  Should we work together on the next big project?”

After several weeks at netlogx, I’ve filled out all my forms, updated my passwords, adjusted to the nomenclature and I drink my share of coffee.

 As a Business Development Consultant my next question is, who is stafflogx going to hang out with.  Who shares our style and needs the services that our boutique firm can bring to staffing and recruiting?

 Let’s hang out and find out.

Contact:   Kristin Seed, Business Development Consultant at stafflogx 317.357.8917, kseed@testlogx.com

Quote: At one point I took on a new job, and I just didn’t have time to do anything but work. -Sharon Olds

 By Kristin Seed