netlogx attended the TechPoint “New Economy, New Rules” session held in April.  Panel speakers included Brian Gildea from DevelopIndy, Rep. Steve Braun and Senator Brandt Hershman.

The most interesting aspect of the conversation was how well it aligns to what we at netlogx are doing and who we are as a company.


A significant amount of time was spent discussing what can be done to support keeping the talent that comes out of all the Indiana higher learning centers in our state, to the benefit of all.  The intern and Fast Track programs at netlogx are working to accomplish retaining the talent that is developed within our state.   netlogx has focused on this for the growth of our company, and realizes that this aligns to a significant challenge at the state level.

Our current business model and initiatives align well with the state’s effort to become a hub for companies that sell their services across the country and across the world, as we are active in four states (and growing) and have a goal of becoming international.

Both the development of technology jobs and impact of legislative change will lead to many opportunities for netlogx.   Through our diverse backgrounds and shared experiences across many industries – including government and healthcare, netlogx is perfectly aligned to benefit and grow from these initiatives.

Quote: If you’ve got talent, protect it – Jim Carrey.

By Kristin Seed and Joe Campbell