Dozens of women buzzed about the JW Marriot ball room in preparation for the start of a recent NAWBO Monthly Luncheon. As I took a seat at a finely set table with the other ladies from netlogx, I felt slightly as if I should have paid more attention at the last etiquette dinner I attended. Questions like, “when do I put my napkin in my lap?,” “when do I take my first bite?,” and, “of the nine forks here, which do I use first?,” filtered through my head.


At this point the NAWBO-Indy Executive Director, Stacy Shew, headed up to the podium and began welcoming all of the luncheon guests. She then went on to prompt all of the attendees to introduce themselves and who they represented to the others seated at their tables. A brief moment of panic set in as I wondered what this could possibly entail. Do I have to give my own elevator pitch? At the lunch table? As a new associate, I certainly had not come prepared for such a thing. However, as the women at my table began speaking, my apprehension quickly subsided. I realized that nobody at that table was there to make a spectacle of themselves or evaluate the motives of someone else – they were all there simply because they had a passion for business and entrepreneurship and wanted to grow themselves, their companies, and their community.

As the luncheon progressed, last year’s president passed the baton, so to speak, to the 2013-2014 President, Deborah Oatts. Ms. Oatts gave a motivating and heartfelt speech addressing women sharpening women and her vision of growth for NAWBO-Indy. Considering that NAWBO-Indy is currently the number one chapter in the United States, it will be a challenging vision to realize. Regardless, after listening to Ms. Oatts speak only briefly, I was convinced that she will lead the Indy chapter in continued growth to remain at the top. A belief I am sure other listeners now share as well.

If you are interested in NAWBO Indy in the slightest bit, I would encourage you to consider attending a monthly luncheon which takes place the fourth Thursday of every month and is open to anyone (men included!), to check out NAWBO-Indy’s events page, or to look into attending the NAWBO National Conference, which will be taking place in Indianapolis this year.