This is brilliant! Read: “To Avoid Leaks Russia Turns to Typewriters”

In an attempt to defeat the inherent security issues of using network connected devices to record and discuss secure items, Russia has begun to implement and use TYPEWRITERS!


The sad thing is I’m old enough to tell them the security issues with typewriters:

  1. If they are ribbon based the ribbons are exact copies of what was typed.
  2. If a Carbon Copy (an sheet between sheets of paper that enables the image on the front sheet to be transferred to the one behind it) is used they are an exact copy of the data.
  3. The person typing is also reading and probably remembering.
  4. If a photocopier is used to make additional copies, the image is stored on the hard drive of the copier.
  5. The roller of the typewriter captures key strokes. This is difficult but not impossible to decipher.
  6. There is nothing on the machine that can encapsulate the message (you don’t know if you have it all).
  7. There is nothing on the machine to prove that the message was as intended.
  8. The message is always in clear.

George Smiley would be proud of me!