“Welcome home” the US Immigration Control officer said, smiling as I went through Chicago O’Hare’s passport control. This was a little unexpected as US Immigration Officers are notoriously strict, at least in my experience. My English accent and US passport certainly don’t help the situation and have often resulted in extensive, confused questioning on their behalf. I got a little butterfly in my stomach and thanked the official, realizing at that moment that I was indeed back in the good, old US of A!

Home Sweet Home

Returning to work recently at the netlogx corporate office after five and a half months of working remotely was also in some respects like going home. There is always plenty of movement in the office, with many consultants out on the road or working remotely so my return was thankfully, fairly low key. That being said, all of my co-workers (some whom I’d only met via Skype meetings up until then) welcomed me back as part of the netlogx family. Now, part way through week four of my stay and knee-deep in the new annual performance evaluation review process and it feels like I’ve hardly been away!

netlogx is different. In interviews I often explain to candidates that it is unlike anywhere I’ve ever worked previously. As netlogx continues to thrive and grow, I am not surprised to discover that the fundamental ethos of the company remains as true as ever.