For anyone who has received credit for successfully implementing a system or completing a project on time and on budget, you know that there is only one reason for the success, team work.  This was my first experience attending a large conference on behalf of our company. I was absolutely amazed at the time, effort and attention to detail our team put into making the coordination of travel, sessions, outcomes and follow up so seamless for nine people.  The group worked together as a cohesive unit.  The information one person may not have had was easily acquired by another and information was shared and organized.  I have to admit that I was skeptical about the reason for such a large group to attend the conference.  It was truly a well-oiled working machine, where each person served a purpose.

The focus of relationship building of current clients, potential clients, potential partners, and even among our team members was inspiring.  I am not, nor do I want to be a sales person, yet I am realizing that is what I do every day.  A sales pitch turns my mind off right away, but as I watched project coordinators, project managers, principal consultants and owners talk to people, whether they knew them or not, conducting easy conversations, I was amazed.  A few other team members expressed their hesitation to be selling, but they were quick to shine in the role of being genuine people.  Our company is set apart from others in the quality and consistency we provide to our customers.  That is what sells. If that is what is required for selling, then sign me up today!

As for the conference itself, it was well run and organized.  There was always someone available to answer questions and the South Carolina hospitality was apparent.  Before you had a question, there was someone there to tell you what you might ask.  It would have been nice to be located closer to Charleston as our team was able to take a few adventures, but only for a couple of hours in the evening.  There was no time during the conference to explore what Charleston had to offer without missing sessions. Because some of the sessions were very sales-like in how they were presented, I wonder if more concurrent sessions over fewer days would make the conference more appealing to states.  As budgets are cut and there are more federal changes to Medicaid, state participation may be compromised again next year.  Overall, netlogx receives an A+ performance for a conference well worth the time and resources spent on it.