The Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference has come and gone for this year but the experience is alive and well and here to stay.  Working in Medicaid I always went to the State Medicaid Conference but never thought I would get the chance to attend the National Conference.  As a new netlogx team member, I was able to participate on the preparations and planning team for the 2012 conference.  I watched eagerly as this team of incredibly talented people prepared their presentations and delivered their messages putting netlogx on the map.

This year not only did I get to participate in the preparations and planning but I was the Project Manager in my first project management experience.  This was an opportunity to show our clients, states, other vendors, CMS and our coworkers what netlogx could achieve in their third year at the conference.   Scary pressure, right?

You have heard that old expression, there is no “I” in team….well it is true on many levels but it is our philosophy at netlogx (and we even left out the “i” in our company name).  From the very first meeting I was fortunate to lead, the planning team was so eager to make this conference a success.  With the creation of subgroups we met our goals by tackling areas such as logistics, booth design, marketing, giveaways and education teams.  We created a project plan and contingencies for shipping or giveaway delays.

As we neared the final days before the conference I was so excited and nervous.  Had I thought of everything?  Had I identified and mitigated all of the risks and issues?  Did everything get shipped to the conference site?  Were the presenters ready?  As I stepped onto the plane with my coworkers, I was assured by their confidence and professionalism.  I also knew that we had our world class team back in Indianapolis who were always cheering us on and ready to help celebrate the successes.

When we arrived in Charleston, I went to work.  I couldn’t rest until I knew all of the boxes were there and accounted for and ready for the booth.  As we began our booth set up, it was like clockwork.  The team began building according to our setup plan and it was smooth sailing.  Our managing partner, Audrey, pulled out a piece of paper and continued our Lessons Learned documentation.

What?  Our box cutter was missing from the tool box.  Contingency plan….scissors.  No tablecloth for one of the tables that was added late…contact the hotel for a tablecloth.  So where does the green duct tape come into play?  Our company color is green.  We call it netlogx green.  We packed a roll of our green duct tape that served its purpose for the conference to tape down cords but we also used it for gathering the bottom of the tablecloth so we could add a bow and taping our boxes so they were easily detected when returned to us by the event services company.

Our team is like green duct tape.  You may see a Principle Consultant deliver an amazing presentation at a session where an hour before she was on the booth floor making bows with green duct tape to help in any way make the netlogx team, their clients and their projects successful.

The MES Conference was truly successful with many meaningful conversations and lots of learning along the way.  We are currently finishing up our Lessons Learned meetings and sharing our conference education with the rest of the team.  I look forward to working on the next project and to the conference next year in Denver.