Last week we added a new team member here at netlogx, Stacy Shew.  This highlighted for me just how connected we are all are and how our journeys in life are aided, not just by those we know and love, but also by those who impact our path without connecting…YET!ever-decreasing-circlespic

After netlogx was initially imagined, the picture was abruptly redrawn for Nick and I by a not very kind twist of fate.  So, true to our natures, we each reacted in differing ways. Nick stepped back and evaluated what he wanted to do and how it could work.   Meanwhile, I forged ahead executing as much as possible of the original scope.  Nick worked a day job and then came home and helped me put the amended business plan together.

At the same time, working about 10 miles away, Stacy was giving me support in an entirely different way – she was at the time running the online grocery business for Marsh supermarkets. As any woman with small children will attest, grocery shopping with small ones is not always easy, so being able to order and have the groceries come to me was a huge time and stress reliever. It also meant Nick and I could work in the evening together rather that one of us hitting the store sans enfants!

There are many ways we help and impact others and a helping hand is always appreciated.  I feel passionately that we must remember to pass on our own support as we move through life.  To this end, I am excited to be participating in a new endeavor, The Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!). This is a year-long program that will encourage middle school through high school children – yes, both girls and boys – to learn to be entrepreneurs running REAL businesses.

YEA! was developed at the University of Rochester in 2004 with the support of a grant from the Kauffman Foundation. If you look at our world today, this is a skill we need to encourage in all our citizens as they learn to navigate today’s ever changing world.

The program is also a call back to a program I took in high school.  It was called Young Enterprise and we were fortunate to have mentors from the local employer, Pilkington’s Glass, and to present our closing reports in the board room. I’m sure this inspired my own entrepreneurial journey and made me strive to be my own boss and to similarly encourage others.