A co-worker and I had the honor of representing netlogx at the first annual luncheon of the Indiana Latino Institute (ILI) held at the JW Marriott.  The organization’s mission is to improve health and advance education for the Indiana Latino community through advocacy, research and innovative programs.

Led by the dynamic President/CEO, Marlene Dotson along with an impressive board of directors, this group has made tremendous strides in the 12 years since it began.

Through job fairs, partnerships with major health organizations and academic institutions, ILI is caring for, and bringing awareness to, the growing population of Latinos in the state of Indiana.

One of the more moving moments at the event was the parade of youth carrying flags to the stage each representing their Latino country of origin.  It made us all aware of how diverse and rich this culture is in the world and how fortunate we are to have its’ influence in our state.

Governor Mike Pence was the keynote speaker and shared the emotional story of his immigrant grandfather who came from Ireland and the promise of prosperity that such a brave move can bring to a family’s future generations.

ILI’s first annual luncheon was a tremendous success.  The room was at capacity with a broad representation of Indiana’s leaders in government, business, healthcare and education.  Revealing their new logo, ILI’s event was a sort of “coming out” party for this strong organization in our state.

We look forward to their continued success and expect to hear much more about their accomplishments and contributions in the coming year.

Everyone should learn more about this wonderful non-profit in our state: