Christmas Party Highlights 2013

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Christmas Party Highlights 2013

The thing we most enjoyed about this year’s netlogx Christmas party was…

  • Sitting at the kids table- Nick P
  • Spending time with my coworkers in a relaxed setting, delicious food, and great drinks- Sara 
  • The venue- Mike 
  • The good company and conversations- Kelly 
  • My wonderful coworkers!- Sheila
  • The potatoes were the bomb- Alyssa 
  • Robby Smith was very smooth- Tom 
  • The location-I loved having it at the Canterbury- Tina 
  • Good food and wine- Katie S
  • Spending time with all the netlogx team….and the BEER- Katie F
  • The company and the location of the party. Classy and welcoming- Jessica
  • The conversation and fellowship- Kevin
  • The snow!- Nick T
  • Good company and good food- Kathy
  • The location- Diane 
  • What’s not to like?- Bruce 
  • Winning 1st place with Christmas tree and meeting new people- April 
  • Seeing all netlogx staff all dressed up and enjoying time with these beautiful coworkers- Chris
  • The location of the venue- Bobby 
  • Everyone was smiling and having a good time- Stephanie 
  • Shout out to Nick P for his presentation- Joel 
  • Mixing with people I don’t usually get a chance to interact with- Kristina 
  • Nick Taylor’s story about his drunk “da”- Anne 
  • Nick Taylor’s story – love to hear him talk!- Jenny
  • The mistletoe in the corner- Tony 
  • The good company and perfectly cooked steak- Sarah 
  • Listening to stories at our table-learning more about netlogx people- Lynn 
  • The lively interaction- Stacy S
  • Nick and Robby’s presentation- Amy 
  • Having a chance to talk with coworkers about something other than work- Scott
  • Good conversation and good food- Melissa 
  • Nick Petrone’s presentation- Joe 
  • The food, the stories, the camaraderie- Peter and Evelyn
  • The conversation at our table- Jason 
  • Getting to know coworkers and their spouses outside of work- Tara and John E
  • Talking to the cheerful team members- Faye
  • Meeting all my new coworkers and the steak!- Courtney 

Many thanks to all our team members and friends who contributed to this! mist

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