I heard there is no shallow end at netlogx! I only do the deep end if I am on a “floaty” with a glass of wine!  I read articles about starting a new position and how to hit the road running.  I remember trying that getting off the school bus at the end of the day. It required a lot of attention, certain physical skills and athletic agility – if I wanted to arrive home with knees in tact!

Being a NNOB at netlogx does demand several of those skills. Four flights of stairs forces the muscular agility; I have given myself a personal goal to arrive at the office door with a steady respiratory rate and a dry shirt!

The first few days was tantamount to arriving at an exotic vacation location, excited at all the possibilities, a wardrobe more suited to your home climate and the dawning realization that your language skills are lacking! The TLAs

[1] are prolific, the technology offers huge potential once you know the SOPs! Although I thought I was losing mine, it seems MOJO is available daily at netlogx. We talk about WBENC and WBEs, VBEs and SOWs, ROEs, MSAs and CAC (unrelated to the French word caca!)

Once I have my KPIs, focus and attention are KSFs.  If I store everything in Zoho, Pipedrive and Smart Sheets I can‘t fail to be part of a successful team.

As steep as the learning curve is, the reception was warm and very helpful. Patience is exhibited if not always felt and I have had more training in 8 days than I have had in the last six years. I am not quite in the shallow end or running but as part of KASM (birthed Tuesday 24 June) I am delighted to be part of the netlogx team.

Thanks to everyone for everything.


[1] Glossary:  TLA (Three letter abbreviations); SOP (Standard Operating  Procedures), MOJO (helpdesk software), WEBNC (Women’s Enterprise Business National Council), WBE (Woman-owned Business Enterprise), VBE (Veteran-owned Business Enterprise), SOW (Statements of Work), ROEs ( Rules of Engagement), MSAs (Master Service Agreement), CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost), KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), KSFs (Key Success factors), KASM (Key Account Sales Management)