I recently had the pleasure of attending a webinar entitled, “Medicaid Expansion Dominoes: Are Waivers A Continuing Trend or Fleeting Fad?”

Because of the current endeavors at the State of Indiana to implement HIP 2.0, this talk was particularly fascinating.  There are currently three states who are in different stages of approval from CMS regarding their waiver plans: Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Indiana.   A host of other states are strategizing how to expand Medicaid in 2015: Louisiana, Maine, Pennsylvania, Utah, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Indiana plans to expand the original Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) to include a HIP plus population.  This HIP plus population will differ from the HIP basic population only in their receipt of dental and vision benefits.   It was exciting to hear the host of the webinar talk about the innovative plans of Indiana.  To the host we were not known for the Indy 500, the Super Bowl, or corn.  Instead, we were known for the solutions we are developing to improve access to healthcare for the residents of our great state.