Every once in a while you attend a talk that resonates within you and lets you know that you are not alone.  Such was Brooke Crosley’s presentation at the August 28, 2014 Women and Hi Tech luncheon in Indianapolis.  In her presentation, Ms. Crosley shared some very personal and dramatic changes that she had made in her life that helped her identify who she was and where she wanted to be.  She summed these changes up in one word – “untethered”.   Over the past 18 months, Ms. Crosley ended her marriage, redefined her relationship with her mother, and redirected her work focus.  Her presentation of her “untethering” to people, beliefs, and attitudes that had contributed to an unfulfilling life was emotional, yet uplifting.

As I listened to her, I could relate to the fear and uncertainty she felt as well as the hope and excitement of moving on to something new and promising.  My own recent “untethering” was not anywhere as dramatic (I still love being “tethered” to my husband of 33 years), but it, too, was a time for reflection and change.  After eight and a half years working full time for a single client, and five years working for another consulting firm, I left both of them to join the netlogx consulting team.   It was bitter sweet in many ways; I had grown fond of many people and comfortable with expectations and how things worked.   However, once I decided to leave them, I realized how much I had missed meeting new clients, learning about their organizations, and the challenge that comes with finding the best way to add value for them.   I realized I had been “tethered” to a situation and had grown stagnant.

My days are now filled with the excitement of learning how to best serve my new client and how to work with my wonderful netlogx colleagues.  While I still have days where I miss my prior co-workers and am uncertain if I’m doing the right things, I can look in the mirror and say like Ms. Crosley, that this was my choice and is my journey to becoming who I am meant to be.   I wish Ms. Crosley and all of you who are embarking on your own “untethering” all the best.  As she recommends, take good care of yourselves.