The Women’s Business Conference for the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) was celebrated earlier this month and Indianapolis proudly hosted the event.  Since joining netlogx in 2011, I have had previously attended a number local NAWBO events, all of which were valuable and productive for me.  So, what would this national conference be like?

Not surprisingly, the exhibition room was highly organized, vibrant and beautifully decorated.  Having the privilege of working with many talented, professional woman, I have come accustomed to seeing this sort of setting when my female colleagues are running the show.  In fact, despite my willingness to help, I find that I typically just get out of the way and let the professionals handle it, while occasionally lending a hand to assist in some grunt work (especially made for me).

For both days of the conference, I had the pleasure of visiting with many of the exhibitors and participants from a wide range of company sizes and industries.  Yet, there were common themes, including a passion for their businesses and concern for the development and success of woman-owned enterprises.  Having worked in the netlogx family, led by our CEO, Audrey Taylor,  I was quite familiar with the energy, vision and commitment.  I witness it regularly and I love it!

With Audrey as our leader and our example, it is exciting for me to share the story of netlogx to patrons who visited our exhibition booth.  Perhaps, equally enjoyable, was listening to my netlogx colleagues who joined me in the booth expressing their passion for netlogx and the consulting services work that we offer.  What a great story to tell of an organization committed to excellence, dedicated to living its operating principles and surrounding yourself with top-notch professionals who share the same core values and desire.

Oh, I would be remiss if I did not mention another success of the Women’s Business Conference.  In those moments in which I was not sharing the story of netlogx or listening to patrons share their story, I was delighted to hear some of my favorite musical artists playing in the background.  Thanks, NAWBO, for the Bob Marley and Frank Sinatra tunes.