I recently had the pleasure of being selected to attend the NAWBO national conference 2014. Being held in Indy it gave netlogx a home advantage that I would say we completely took ahold of.  netlogx hosted a walk/run event in the early wee hours on Monday morning. We had a few ladies show up that were brave enough to climb out of the bed when the sun was still down and enjoy the company of our own Tara Morse running on the canal. Following the wonderful walk/run event I was able to attend one of my favorite breakout sessions.  Luly B hosted a breakout session “The Power of the Brand of You”. Right when you entered the room you could feel the energy. It was going to be a great one. Luly kept the whole audience engaged and talked about how branding is not only the colors in your PowerPoint but is actually you! She listed people like Mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart. There were all great examples of women who had branded themselves by representing who “they” were.

My second favorite break out session was hosted by Lisa Bailey who is the owner of Tastings. Her breakout session was very intriguing. It was in reference to “the power of wine and business”. Not only where we able to sample three different kinds of wine but Lisa also explained the benefits of each. Lisa talked about the different quarters in her life and how she moved through those. She also gave examples of how a wine business meeting can be an ice breaker and make all customers and clients feel comfortable. I really enjoyed her being able to open up her life and vision to the whole group. It was a great entrepreneur experience.

I was very grateful to have the opportunity to attend these fantastic breakout sessions and meet a handful of great woman. It challenged myself in my own thinking as well as my networking skills which is not always the easiest thing in a room full of women.