Who doesn’t love to start their day with a beautiful 5K run along a canal on a brisk Monday morning in downtown Indianapolis?  netlogx and five of its wonderful team members do along with the other NAWBO early birds!  A special shout out to the ladies from netlogx who did not get the chance to run because they had to get up at 5AM, set up the registration, provide bananas, water and a little cheering at the end.

We had to take advantage of the opportunity to promote wellness with over 600 women business owners and associates gathered in Indianapolis to network and work to gain access to economic, social and political advantages and opportunities.  Many women business owners work very hard to balance their business, family and social networking lives.  We know that not only does a wellness opportunity, like our netlogx sponsored 5K fun run, give participants a chance to kick off the conference in a healthy way, it also provided some great, no stress, one-on-one girl talk.  Some of the girl talk was just getting to know someone from another state, but for some ladies who had met at previous national conferences, it gave them a change to catch up; regardless, it provided much needed fresh air and body movement.

As an avid runner, there is no way anyone could convince me it is a waste of time to organize such an event, even if only a few attend.  As women, we need to feel confident and strong.  Physical strength goes hand in hand with mental strength.  When people ask me how I can run a marathon or even a half marathon, my answer is always the same, “Because I tell myself I am going to”.  I have learned that if I can set my mind to run a marathon, I have subsequently been able to conquer other goals and objectives I did not think were achievable.  I gained confidence in myself and have accomplished other things such as speaking in front of a large group at a fund raiser and speaking at a conference, both of which I have previously had said I was not capable of doing.  I hope you will consider how challenging your body physically can also strengthen your ability to set and meet personal and business goals.