The Purse by Katie Shelton

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Don’t you just love it when you walk away from an occasion feeling inspired and smiling to yourself, all at the same time? I know I do. Recently, I had an opportunity to hear author, blogger and speaker, Lori Borgman address a room of several hundred business persons which can make for a pretty tough [...]

netlogx and Sustainable Competitive Advantage by Kristen Addison

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Sustainable competitive advantage, as defined by Aaker in his book Strategic Market Management, is “an element (or combination of elements) of the business strategy that provides meaningful advantage over both existing and future competitors.” So what does that mean in laymen’s terms? To me a sustainable competitive advantage (SCA) is what distinguishes your company.  That [...]

International Women’s Day 2015

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In recognition of it being International Women's Day earlier this week, we asked the netlogx ladies what they like most about working for the company! Please find below some of their thoughts: Stacy S: netlogx encourages and supports continuous professional and personal development while challenging us to think differently. Kristen A: I love working for [...]