In recognition of it being International Women’s Day earlier this week, we asked the netlogx ladies what they like most about working for the company! Please find below some of their thoughts:

Stacy S: netlogx encourages and supports continuous professional and personal development while challenging us to think differently.

Kristen A: I love working for a company where the power of the working mom is recognized!  There aren’t many companies who support their teams the way netlogx does.

Ashleigh K: I like working at netlogx because I believe in the people and the organization. That isn’t typically a common pair.

Angela B: I enjoy the camaraderie of working here.  The team environment and the fact that we all look out for one another.  It is one thing to say you work at a company like that and quite another to actually have that in your life at work, at a J.O.B!  It makes me smile every day and feel safe and secure, working with people who inspire you!!!!

Cecelia R: Good HR Support.

Jenny A: I think the one thing that I have enjoyed while being at netlogx is that everyone is very friendly and helpful to each other and every day seems to be a new day and never the same. Team members are always very understanding of people’s lives and their hectic schedules and making you feel much appreciated for all that you do to help when making it easier for them. Is a great work place.

Anne P: Working among strong, professional, intelligent, funny women who support each other and work hard to help each other succeed.

Steph S: I enjoy working at netlogx because of the culture. No one day is the same at netlogx. We have team members who are on site, off site, remote and across the world. This allows for all of us to live in a very diverse environment. Nothing about netlogx is sterile. Every face, outfit, work time, desk and opinion are different at netlogx. This can of course cause its challenges, but in a way that only makes a team member more diverse in their own understanding of one’s self. We all try to work as a team and be flexible. We do more than talk the walk at netlogx we walk it.

Diane W: The spirit of team work that is evident throughout the company.

Tabatha A: I enjoy the family atmosphere and the complete sense of belonging to netlogx.

Kim D: I appreciate all the training opportunities netlogx offers, from Six Sigma classes to presentation skills. Also, the free Andes Chocolates in the office aren’t so bad either!

Breh F: One thing I like about working at netlogx is the diversity. I feel like I am surrounded by many woman of different races, ages, personalities, cognitive styles, tenure, organizational functions, educations, and backgrounds, but we all seem to come together for the greater good of which is netlogx.

Kristina O: I like coming to work every day because the work is fun, challenging, and I know that I’m reaching my full potential at netlogx.

Jody: One of the things I enjoy is the sense of team on the projects I have worked on, such as Michigan.  There is a sense of autonomy and partnership across the team that is all for one and one for all.  Individual work stream boundaries are not drawn since the focus is the client as a whole.

Vicki C: Working with genuine, kind, intelligent and hard-working team members inspires me.

Laura S: netlogx supports professional goals, and encourages new ideas, processes and change. Our company leads by example which is very inspiring!!

Sarah H: I enjoy the diversity of personalities at netlogx, we have an eclectic mix of people.

Audrey T: I love working at netlogx because it forces me to learn each and every day.

Chris O: I enjoy working at netlogx because it allows for professional growth while recognizing personal responsibilities.


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