Don’t you just love it when you walk away from an occasion feeling inspired and smiling to yourself, all at the same time? I know I do. Recently, I had an opportunity to hear author, blogger and speaker, Lori Borgman address a room of several hundred business persons which can make for a pretty tough crowd. She had the audience at ‘hello’ as she skillfully shared her tales of facing life’s everyday trials and tribulations with a blend of humor, humility and reality. One story that really caught my attention was Lori’s interpretation of women and the various size purses, along with their content, that are carried throughout the different phases of their lives.

If you carry a small handbag or clutch with just a tube of lipstick, credit card and keys typically mean you are young, rich, skinny and have no children. However,  If you carry a medium sized shoulder bag you might be attempting to disguise your diaper bag as a fashion forward purse. Lastly, if you carry a large purse you are likely prepared to handle nearly anything that life throws at you from first aid to feeding the masses to mending split pants – a survivalist to-go kit.

Lori said what the cool thing about the purse theory was that Kathie Lee Gifford caught wind of her column and read it on national television. To Lori’s surprise, when she came home from a normal day’s activity her phone had blown up with 20 plus messages from friends and family.  A common theme throughout Lori’s life has been that she has been turned down for a lot of opportunities yet has gotten back up and that has lead her to where she is today with a career that she loves and is right where she needs to be.