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Process Improvement in Action

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As one of my SMART goals for 2014-2015 I decided that it would be beneficial to attend three networking events.  There are a host of phenomenal groups around the Indianapolis area and beyond.  A few months ago our CEO, Audrey Taylor, approached me and asked me to help do some process mapping for the Women [...]

Community Outreach

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In reality, Community Outreach is anyone inside of netlogx that interfaces with anyone outside of netlogx. Community Outreach, in terms of team title, comprises Nick Petrone, Stacy Shew, and myself. We are a relatively new team and our priority is to build connections in the private sector and explore potential opportunities that may exist for [...]

Women in Technology: Madame Curie

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Women’s History Month began as a weeklong celebration in 1982, and has evolved into a full month of celebration in March of each year. Since 1995, annual proclamations have been made by Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama, along with tributes and support by many great institutions from the Library of Congress to the Smithsonian Institute. [...]