As one of my SMART goals for 2014-2015 I decided that it would be beneficial to attend three networking events.  There are a host of phenomenal groups around the Indianapolis area and beyond.  A few months ago our CEO, Audrey Taylor, approached me and asked me to help do some process mapping for the Women and Hi-Tech board members.  Per their website, Women and Hi-Tech “…was established as a non-profit organization in July 1999 and was created to address the specific needs of women in high tech industries in Central Indiana and to encourage more women to consider careers in technology.”

During our process mapping session meeting attendees were intent on streamlining and improving the check-in process at their events.  After some intense discussion and debate, a newly minted process was decided upon and set to be implemented at the next event.  Because I had been involved in the mapping process, I asked if I could volunteer at the next event.  I wanted to see the effects of our hard work!

Ready with our tablets, squares, and lists we staked out the front hallway to the event room.  It was fascinating to see how excited the women were about the new process and technology.  The volunteers got a lot of compliments about how smoothly it went.  Even if attendees had forgotten their tickets, or couldn’t pull it up on their smart phones, we were able to look them up in the system.  After the rush had subsided I got a chance to listen to the guest speaker. Caroline Dowd-Higgins’ talk was entitled, “This is NOT the Career I Ordered.”  I won’t go into the detail of her talk as I suspect there will be another blog about the talk.

Attending the mapping session and volunteering at the event really gave me a clear picture of what our process improvements can accomplish.  Although my SMART goal was really intended to help me network more with others in the field (which it did!) it also showed me the real effects of what netlogx does.