On June 4th, netlogx participated in the Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity Women Build. The following blog posts share the team members’ experiences:

Team Sponsel was amazing. We had fifteen ladies who dedicated their Thursday off work and school to help paint the exterior of a Habitat for Humanity house for someone in need. Our morning started off with a few refreshments (coffee and donuts) to get not only our team going but our “tigresses”. There is a group of women who volunteer their time to assist and supervise the volunteers. They are called the Tiger team and were aptly renamed the “tigresses”. Our supervisor team was very helpful in quickly explaining what our role was and how hard the new home owner and the teams had worked to get here. The house stood as a 1 story, 5 bedroom house. It is amazing how much the teams and workers before us accomplished in such a short time. The beautiful home was just sitting there waiting to be loved by the 5 children who are moving in with their mother.

Chris Ogden and I volunteered to do caulking on the front porch. Chris Ogden’s job led into basically caulking anything high up and then painting the peak of the porch all by herself. She was not going to leave until it was done. Chris was the definition of a trooper.
Once our team was done with the multiple coats on the soffits, we were ready to start painting the house red. It was super exciting to see the color and house transforming before our eyes. I am laughing as I write this because the sunburn on my neck is beginning to hurt a little. There was a sunny side and a shady side of the house. Somehow I ended up on the sunny side the WHOLE day. We were harassing everyone on the shady side because somehow our whole team kept flocking over there along with our paint brushes.
We had so many laughs and memories and I cannot wait to do it again next year. We worked so hard as a team that our supervisors were not sure what the other teams who were painting were going to do the next two days. Basically, we kicked butt and worked really hard to make sure that we could provide the best paint job any volunteer of 15 women could provide. I will admit I never knew it was so difficult to get the “under lip” of the wood painted. Let me tell you that a roller will not cut the job. You need a paint brush and a roller for multi tasking.
The experience was more than I could have asked for. Every single person on our team put sweat into that project and worked so well with each one of the ladies. We combined a team of fifteen woman and only eight of them came from netlogx. The others were friends or family of netlogx team members. The way that everyone quickly came together to assist was great. It reminds you of the good people in this world and how much fun working together and trying to accomplish the same goal really can be.
WAY YO GO TEAM SPONSEL! (I know pretty original name)