On June 4th, netlogx participated in the Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity Women Build. The following blog posts share the team members’ experiences:

What happens when our day is filled with hard work, no cell phones, sunshine, paint, caulk, and a common goal of doing our best for others…

Those that don’t paint – paint

Those that don’t do heights – climb

Those that don’t get dirty – sit on floors filled with dirt and dry wall dust

Those that don’t have time to talk – tell stories, laugh, and play

Those that don’t sweat – well, you know, sparkle

Those that don’t do Porta Johns – do pink Porta Janes

Those that don’t know one another – come together for a common goal

We may have helped Habitat for Humanity build a home for a very deserving family but the privilege was ours. This is what I call the perfect day.

by Stacy Shew

Vision: A world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Serving others is truly fulfilling. Volunteering was hard work and heartwarming.

A group of women combined forces to help Janae provide a safe, stable healthy home for her family. A working mum in a low income position, Janae has been educated and prepared financially, and personally given 300 hours of “sweat equity” to receive, sustain and retain her new home. She has skin in the game and so did Steph’s team.

We proudly accomplished more than they anticipated during the day and I know I was not the only women focused on the end result. A home, should be everyone’s safe place. For Janae and her children this is soon to be a reality.

by Sarah Harrison

When I volunteered to participate in the Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity Women Build I had no idea what exactly I was signing up for. The overall experience was riveting! I really enjoyed reaching out to family and friends to let them know I had made such a fantastic decision to work alongside many other women in helping make a dream come true for a single mother and her five children. I received several donations which helped the team surpass our group goal by thousands of dollars! The actual “build” day came rather quickly and we were all put to work. Our team assisted in exterior painting. I have past experience in this area, so I was really excited to get started. We, as a team, accomplished much more than was anticipated. I had so much fun being in a new environment and having the opportunity to volunteer with co-workers and friends. I cannot wait to see the finished product—a brand new home for a deserving woman and her children. It doesn’t get much more rewarding than that.

by Ashleigh Kehler

I found it very interesting to hear about the requirements of the Habitat recipient families.  I knew they had to put sweat equity hours into the construction of their home and take over the mortgage once the house is completed, however I did not realize that they received financial education through a Dave Ramsey course, they are required to assist on other Habitat homes, and they get trained on some basic home maintenance skills.  These lessons assist in not only helping the families achieve their dreams of home ownership, but also in the journey of financial responsibility and pride of ownership.
The satisfaction I achieved from helping with the Women Build Day is knowing that my small part in the construction process will make a difference in the lives of those family members as well as in their community by improving the neighborhood’s resale value through quality construction and beautification.
by Chris Ogden

What I enjoyed most about our Habitat for Humanity Build Day was knowing that I was truly doing something to help someone else. It was a privilege to be able to help paint the outside of the house that was built by all women. It was a very hot day on June 4th. The sun was exceptionally hot on one side of the house and I spent the majority of my day over there, painting and getting my sun tan on. Our team did a rock star job and painted most of the house in record time! I cannot wait to see what the house looks like when it is completely finished!

by Katie Shelton

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