When I was first approached about writing an article for the netlogx internet blog I was puzzled. After all, I was an intern who had only been working at the company under three weeks. I was not even familiar enough yet with the products and services netlogx provides to be able to formulate an opinion that actually merited consideration. However, I realized that this lack of familiarity was most likely the reason I had been selected. I was capable of offering a perspective on the day-to-day functions of the company that had not yet been altered or diluted by the constant repetition and eventual obliviousness to our environment. Both often which come as a result of extended periods of time. That being said, here are a few of the observations I have made about the quotidian behaviors that are apparent at netlogx.

The first thing people will notice upon their arrival at netlogx is the kindness and courtesy with which they are treated. Whether they are colleagues or clients, everyone is guaranteed courtesy and respect. Based on my observations, I have found that this creates a comfortable atmosphere as well as a sense of support. Both of which should be appreciated, given that these things seemingly promote efficiency and motivation among the workforce. The second noticeable aspect of netlogx is the blanket of silence that encapsulates the office. In fact, outside of the conference rooms, the only distinct sound that can be heard consistently is that of fingers tapping keys on a keyboard. This atmosphere could be misinterpreted as eerie, however I think that it captures the focus and pride that netlogx employees take in their work. This leads us to my third observation of a behavior that I have come to nickname; “the process”. From scheduling a room for a meeting, to refilling the coffee maker in the break room, netlogx has a process for just about everything, I see no way of describing it without using the colloquial cliché of the office being a “well-oiled machine”. This “process” has created a professional and efficient work environment if there ever was one and I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of the netlogx team.