On September 29, 2015, netlogx helped the Rotary Club of Indianapolis participate in their official Indy Do Day project for Pack Away Hunger. Approximately 125 volunteers helped pack over 12,744 meals for children and others who suffer from hunger and malnutrition in Indianapolis, Haiti, and Guatemala.

As we entered the Scottish Rite Cathedral for the event, I was mesmerized by the size of the building andthe architectural details. After we sat down at our table and had a simple turkey or ham sandwich for lunch, I could not help but feel disappointed with the simplicity of our meal. However, we were soon occupied by the speakers from the Rotary Club and Pack Away Hunger organizations as they made their introductions. Charles Miller, Director of Development, showed a short video explaining the mission and history of Pack Away Hunger. As I watched the video and processed the information, my excitement slowly turned somber. I was not sure which was worse that 1 to 3 children have severe malnutrition in Haiti, 1 to 6 Hoosiers struggle with regular access to nutritious meals or there is still a child in this world who struggle to have a proper meal at least once a day. I started feeling guilty that I was disappointed with my lunch, even though it was more than a generous amount.

PackAwayHunger_blog1However, the continued effort of Pack Away Hunger soon motivated me to start moving and help out as much as I possibly could. We were divided into teams of 10 volunteers and received our roles to work via an assembly line. We started packing carefully measured mixture of rice, vegetables, soy and flavorings into pouches. After completing our service, I felt exhilarated and grateful for everything I have. Packing meals was not only a great team building experience but we could feel a sense of purpose, knowing the meals we packed with our own hands will meet a need for someone in our own neighborhood or someone around the world. I started following the actions of Pack Away Hunger on social media and looking forward to another wonderful opportunity like this in the near future.

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