The Red Kettle by Javiera Masood

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Every year during the Holiday season, as I pass through a supermarket parking lot or enter a store, the sound of bells has become the norm. Christmas time would feel empty without it. netlogx provided me the opportunity to don the apron, grab a bell, and be one of those bell ringers. I was so [...]

“Ding Dong Merrily on High!” by Mark Lambert

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What exactly is the true meaning of Christmas? It’s hard to define just what makes the holiday season so spectacular. For me, Christmas has always been a time of giving, family, and holiday traditions. The festivities always include decorating the tree, listening to my favorite Christmas albums, eating large quantities of gingerbread cookies, and convincing [...]

Feeling Happy by Tyler Fosnaugh

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In June of 2015, I was approached to join the netlogx Wellness Committee and to champion the Wellness Committee efforts in the netlogx Santa Fe office. As the year went on and I was inducted into the Fast Track program, I was somewhat presented with the opportunity to lead the Wellness Committee, which is my [...]