Every year during the Holiday season, as I pass through a supermarket parking lot or enter a store, the sound of bells has become the norm. Christmas time would feel empty without it. netlogx provided me the opportunity to don the apron, grab a bell, and be one of those bell ringers. I was so excited to see the confirmation email pop in! I eagerly printed my information sheet and got ready to go.

Circle Center Mall Downtown Indianapolis is an amazing place to shop. With four levels, nine screen movie theater, and a glass dome called “The Artsgarden,” it seemed like the perfect place to ring the bells. After struggling for 20 minutes to find parking in the nearest garage, I was lucky enough to have found a spot close to the entrance door. As I entered the building, sound of the bells reeled me in and I bee-lined to the source. I strolled up to the smiling bell ringer, introduced myself and asked if this was the right spot. After being directed to the designated volunteer area, I found Norm waiting for me. Norm, a member of Rotary Club, has been volunteering to ring the bells for more than four years now.

I happily stood, clad in my red apron, next to the Salvation Army sign and the “Red Kettle” as dozens of people walked by. Watching the variety of people that passed was truly astounding. In a short period of time, I saw people of every race, color, creed, religion, style and size. Despite their differences, the one thing they all had in common was that they were all in such an enormous rush. They rushed to go shop, rushed to make meetings, rushed to get lunch, rushed to get back to the car. Rush, rush, rush! Even after I rang the bell extra loud and announced, “personal checks are accepted too!” it was difficult to get their attention. As they passed by the kettle with their heads down, looking away from me, I thought maybe their wallets were just full of plastic (I suppose it is a possibility, so I won’t judge). I truly appreciate those who were able to stop and donate, and heartily thank the people who ever so enthusiastically agreed to take our pictures.

This year, thanks to netlogx, helping fill The Red Kettle has taught me the value of being a part of the giving force, especially as a way to help out during such a joyous holiday season!