The first thing I said to myself when I finished Medicaid Learning Center’s (MLC) training was, “thank goodness”. Even though the amount of information included in the courses was appropriate and very helpful, I still could not have wanted to finish it faster. However, if you are like me, who is new to the Medicaid world, then the MLC training will definitely help you build the foundation of Medicaid knowledge that you need. As I hear terms from other team members, now I have context for them and feel I have a better understanding of what is needed from my support position. Moreover, Medicaid rules are complex and constantly changing. With all the changes in healthcare today, it is more important than ever to understand the basics of Medicaid.

Even though the training was long and some courses were more difficult than others, the built in “Quick Check” quizzes and “Pretests” helped enormously by reinforcing the information learned during the course. I will recommend going through the courses in the order they are listed instead of jumping around. I realized that some courses built on the information presented in the previous courses. So, picking courses in your preferred order might force you to Google some information to understand the course better.

Another thing that I thought was really great about MLC training is that it is in the e-learning format. So, it is available anytime and it is self-paced. As someone from a Millennial generation, the e-learning format training appeals much better to me than any other type of training. Not to give into the stereotype of Millennials but I was able to absorb information better through the MLC program than other training formats.

I also like that I will have a continued access to the resources in the Medicaid Knowledge Center and Medicaid Dictionary. I will definitely be going back and utilizing the resource as I start working on more projects.