Valentine’s Day is one of the differences between America and England that has stayed with me over the years! In England it was traditionally an event for teenagers – exchanging extremely sentimental (soppy?) cards that are not signed. Or for those in relationships hideous outsized padded cards with cute animals on the card! Romantic adults would post notices in the newspaper, again with cryptic messages rather than names, so the recipients would have to find their message! I’ve been an American so long I cannot actually tell you what it is like back in the Old Country!

Imagine then my surprise – ongoing to this day – when shop assistants, mail persons and total strangers wish me a “Happy Valentine’s Day”!  When the boys were small I did do the ”send a card and piece of candy for each child in the class” but we don’t send them cards! I do sometimes worry about their dating futures as Nick and I may not have not trained them appropriately for a “hallmark” romance!

I share all the above because in English we have the one word LOVE but in most other languages there are far more words to describe all the types of love that exist.

Amor is LOVE in Spanish and Latin, LOVE in Italian is Amore, LOVE in Greek is Agape and LOVE in Irish is Gra!

Respect, support and kindness for our colleagues and team members is vital in making any organization succeed but as at netlogx we are in the consulting services business, it is vital that we have a cohesive and respectful organization. In this effort, we have SPOT awards – where team members nominate each other for acts that go above and beyond in making netlogx succeed. Awards have been given for going the extra mile on deliverables, covering when colleagues have personal needs, creatively meeting the client’s needs and many others. In addition, we acknowledge “random acts of kindness”; those small items that can make a huge difference on any given day – getting a snack for the pregnant lady whose meetings are overrunning, grabbing coffees for the team as they start a drive to Lansing on a cold, dark Indy morning, and sharing the flowers from your garden to brighten the office!  All of these are certainly a type of love and make the many hours we spend at work pass in a more meaningful way.

Whenever I get to see netlogx teams assembled and also when I get to talk about who we are I feel it is imperative I emphasize how proud I am of the talent that the netlogx team represents and my gratitude that you are on the netlogx journey with me. To this end, I borrowed an idea from Jack Krasula who was the CEO at DCI when Nick worked there. Jack knew who worked for him, actively acknowledged their service and recognized their achievements. In this spirit Nick and I send birthday cards, celebrate hiring anniversaries and I love the opportunity to send a short note celebrating a team member’s contribution in a particular area. I also send a holiday card which was so easy back when there were 8 of us but requires planning and hand strengthening exercises now we’re at 70+! I’m always delighted when I get feedback that these notes mean something as it truly is important to me that our team members know they are valued at netlogx! Even the feedback that it’s a family activity to decipher my challenging handwriting always brings a smile. I was especially pleased to receive feedback that not only had a note resonated but that a study showed that recognition of contribution was a key driver in how hard and loyal employees are. Validation that doing the right things produces the right result!

So I close by thanking each and every netlogx team member, past, present and future for all they do and wish each of you all a very loving Valentine’s Day!