You can make a difference! Have you ever just sat back and thought to yourself, what if? What if I gave that panhandler a couple bucks? What if I just set my Buy One Get One (BOGO) items aside to pass out? What if I just purchased extra items while holiday shopping? What if?

Well let me tell you… 2015, I did just that! And it was AMAZING!

I am not going to lie, handing money to a panhandler takes a lot of thought, and you only have a few seconds to determine if you are going to (typically before the light turns to green). But handing them the spare change in your car, the extra couple dollars in your wallet, or that gift card to the local Starbucks that you have just sitting in your console just might change their lives. And the smile and appreciation on their face is completely worth it.

That BOGO, do you always need to keep the 2nd item? Consider this, most places offer BOGO throughout the year; buy one (1) for yourself, and give the other to a shelter. Who doesn’t like (or need) a brand new pair of shoes. Or those clothes that you really, really need, or probably want? If it is a BOGO, give the other to a shelter. When is the last time that person may have had a new clothing item? Can you imagine how that might make them feel when they are at probably the lowest time in their life?

Holiday time is costly. I understand that. But each time that you are out and about, purchasing items for your friends and family, would it really “break the bank” to pick up an extra item or two (2) during every excursion? I doubt it. Once you have the stockpile; well that is when miracles happen. Contact a local church, shelter, and/or community action agency and donate those items. The reaction from the kids is unreal. Those kids that may have ended up with nothing? Your selfless contribution meant the world to them!

Trust me, not only will you make a difference in somebody else’s life, it will make a difference in yours.