Millennials – Are We Obsessed with Technology?

Millennials are the first generation to grow up with technology. So, it is true that we have been shaped by technology and have grown up looking forward to the newest and best models. Technology has completely changed the world, and we accept the digitalized items as the norm. This is why it is a widely accepted notion that Millennials are obsessed with technology and lack focus. I don’t disagree that my generation is obsessed with technology or that in some cases we are easily sidetracked by Facebook, Snapchat, text messaging or emails but we are not the only generation. It should be taken in consideration that the previous generation did not have all the technology that we do to be distracted. However, when we are not spending time browsing through social media, most of the time all these technologies help us do our job better. We expand our network through LinkedIn, check Twitter to stay on top of the news, and some of us actually read news articles on our devices. We also use our digitalized items to connect with people across the globe in a matter of seconds. So, whoever says that we do not “really connect” is very untrue. I am still connected with my childhood friends even though we live on two different continents.

Moreover, I have come across many articles and research that suggest employers to modify their current work practices for Millennials. Millennials are coming! However, I have observed that Millennials have very a keen sense of adaptability. We are exposed to diverse cultures not only in person but through technology because of our vast global connections. We have unconsciously developed an ability to adapt to change and sense of flexibility. So, companies do not have to change their culture completely. Millennials will adapt to the existing work practices and will work to improve the practices rather than remove it completely.

Even though, it seems that technology has taken over our lives but we have adapted to it and use technology in all aspects of our lives, including at home and on the job. Technology is here to stay. We do not look at technology as an extra. We use technology to balance our work and social life. I must say it is true that being dependent on technology has impacted on our writing skills. But we have developed new and innovated skills to fulfill the lack of writing skills that older generations did not even think existed. There is a wide range of web use and skill levels among Millennials. We have learned to use technology to our advantage. We can complete a research project on time, without leaving our office space with footnotes and highlights in important places.

Millennials might be addicted to technology, but if we have to go a day without our phone or laptop then most of us will be okay with it. It will not be an end of the world. When I went to Cuba with my MBA class in March 2015, we had to “survive” without a cell phone service and internet for a whole week and we all loved it. We all believe that we got really close because we spent time with each other instead of being on our phones. However, when we all came back to United States, we immediately got on our phones to check up on our friends and family. Although we loved our time without technology, we understand that technology provides a feeling of comfort and connectivity with our family when we are away and we really appreciate it.

In recent years, our generation has become aware of technology’s effects. As a result, we are learning that sometimes we need to put our phone down in order to satisfy the need to be living in the present. After all, we are more concerned with living in the moment. As a reminder, no one likes to be labeled or be classified into one category because it suggests that individuals are worth no more than their age and their environment. No one generation is perfect.