What brings you joy? My family, many of whom I don’t see enough, as well as extended family, which includes my fur baby Abbey; one of several rescue dogs that I have brought into my life. The Arts. Nature.

What are you most afraid of? Well, on one level snakes ugh! However, a recurrent fear of mine is injustice towards people: although my faith in humanity is strong, I am also appalled at mankind’s capacity to be inhumane to each other. Historically the atrocities human beings have committed and continue to be capable of towards each other for any number of reasons, e.g. religious, cultural, geographical, gender, monetary differences, is terrifying. For all our development and sophistication we have a lot to learn when it comes to compassion, tolerance empathy and understanding.

What would you like to learn? I think life offers opportunities to learn something new every day if we are open and receptive to it, I embrace that. Although, some days it is easier than others.

Who or what inspires you? My grandmother was a great inspiration to me. She was a renaissance woman, well ahead of her time. She was tough, determined and inordinately generous with what she had. I know of stories when during the great depression she opened her doors to others, when she only had a fraction more than those she was inviting in to share with her.

If you could talk to your teenage self what would you say? Follow my passions, not to take myself too seriously, and to put less weight and credence on other peoples’ opinion of me. To be true to myself.

 What is your favorite book/Movie and why? Good Will Hunting. I perceive it to be a story of two underdogs tainted by their life experiences, who become united in their adversity and learn to move on and upwards making more of their lives. Having support is important in life. Not everybody has that and sometimes it comes to us in the most extraordinary ways.

What would you, or have you written on the netlogx before I die board? That I want to travel. While I was in college I studied geology and oceanography which sparked my interest in Machu Picchu and Australia, in particular, the Great Barrier Reef.

What do you understand by project management? For me this means making a client shine in the best light, working with them as a supporting partner and ultimately achieving their goals – success!