Navi is a millennial and she has been a netlogx employee approaching one year

Navi what brings you joy?

I like simple pleasures. A good cup of coffee, especially when I wake in the morning. It is my go to comfort, sometimes consumed enjoying the view of the yard, while contemplating life or what is coming next. Other occasions it is accompanied by a rerun of the Stephen Colbert or the John Oliver show. Caffeine and humor are a good combination to kick start the day.

What are you most afraid of?

This is difficult to answer, however, I think perhaps my own personal expectations. I have a life plan with specific milestones which I am not beyond changing or adapting them, however, I am only flexible if I am close to hitting them or there is a legitimate reason to change. For me there is no opting for change as an escape from failing to meet my goals. I am practical and pragmatic. In addition, if there is something new of interest I will incorporate it into my plan!

What would you like to learn?

Oh everything. I am a highly motivated learner. I had a guide in Italy that spoke English beautifully and who taught himself at 27 years of age. I am going to start with Spanish. I am also teaching myself code!

Who or what inspires you?

I don’t have a role model, however, I find people that are selfless and courageous very inspiring. I have been working down at the State of Indiana and the social workers and the people in the Division of Aging have an enormous capacity for caring. Ostensibly, it does not wane!

If you could talk to your teenage self what would you say? (Navi is still only 25)

For sure I would say, relax everything happens for a reason, don’t stress and particularly don’t stress over the things you have no control. I recall taking exams and then worrying about my score afterwards, why? It was too late at that point! Give a 110% when you can and then live with the consequences so as not to waste energy worrying about what is done!

What is your favorite book/Movie and why?

For some reason I am not a movie goer, however, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones are my favorite reads. For both authors to create such a huge, wonderful world of fiction and yet incorporate life lessons in there about friendships and how to be a good human being is impressive and for it to resonate with mixed age groups, is admirable.

What would you, or have you written on the netlogx before I die board?

I have not yet written on the board, however I get pleasure form reading it and making decisions on additions to my bucket list. I have about 20 items on the list and am working through them as and when I can. Machu Picchu is on there.

What do you understand by project management? It has been fascinating to watch and learn about project management, and realize that it is as much about managing the netlogx team as it is about managing the timelines, schedules and people. The Project Managers at netlogx are excellent at developing people and building on their strengths and encouraging appropriate participation where possible. Project management I see as a useful skill to have for managing day to day living.