My netlogx experience will always spark memories of my desperate attempts to predict traffic, as I sat frustrated in my car while being stuck on Fall Creek or College Avenue. While fighting back the urge to express my frustration towards the stand still mess that is rush-hour, I understood that the issue was practically irrelevant in comparison to the work that I was committed to throughout the day.

Embarking on an internship, it is rewarding to know the work that I produce is of value to the organization itself. A satisfying example would be hearing about how the research I conducted for the Women Business Enterprise National Conference was beneficial for those who attended and met potential clients.  I also understand that an internship is a learning process, which includes much trial and error in most aspects of my work, such as the project coordinator training activities. No matter how detailed I am on specific exercises, I always expect the document to be returned with notes from Kristina. However, this has helped me become more open to constructive criticism as I understand that those working with me are dedicated to my growth and success.

The expectations of the workspace are situated around the core values written and demonstrated in the office. I’m certain that timely or prompt will be a new addition to the core values after my tenure with netlogx. However, as a member of this organization, I truly value the ideals embedded in the culture of netlogx. From the leadership to the support, netlogx has illustrated that they embody the habits of effective people.

As I reflect on my experience with netlogx I have identified valuable lessons.   It is as basic as accepting I have to plan my drive with consideration to traffic flow, to realizing  I need to be  open to constructive feedback, learning quickly and giving maximum effort to all of my endeavors is the best way to survive and thrive in a dangerous world. I am thankful for my experience with netlogx and know that everything that I have learned will be beneficial to my future!