Recently I attended an inaugural convention hosted by trueU. The theme of the event was “The Journey Together Begins” and it was different than what I expected, from the motivational music to the wide assortment of attendees. Then again, I did not have set expectations for the event but I am glad I attended because it was a great event to be inspired for life and work. There were great speakers who took the stage to inspire, entertain, and educate, along with Pete the Planner who was the emcee. If you have taken any online financial classes through trueU then you know whom I am talking about. He was exceptionally funny, especially when he walked out in a Darth Vader costume.

The first speaker who took the stage was Louis Efron, former head of Global Employee Engagement for Tesla Motors. Louis’s goal was to help everyone identify their personal purpose, “our why.” He asked everyone to take some time to answer very simple questions (listed at the end of the blog) and write down their answers. Although the questions were simple, I soon realized that it was really difficult to come up with an answer that was good enough to write down on a paper. He really made me wonder about my own purpose and I have to say that I might have touched it. I still have to edit and ponder more but I can say that I have at least identified a few of my strengths that I want to enhance. I could also see that everyone else was also inspired by Louis. Maybe not everyone walked out that day with their perfect purpose but something is better than nothing.

After Louis, we heard from three very impressive trueU member organizations in a TED talk format. Each of the talks was very inspirational and thought provoking. The first talk was about laughter and how new connections always involve laughter. The second talk was about letting your inner artist out, giving yourself permission to do or act how you always wanted but never took a chance. The third talk was about creating your own personal and unique brand. Values and traditions are important and help with building your brand but everyone needs to take time to evaluate how you want others to perceive you and what you actually reflect.

This event was very different form all the events I have been to and it truly helped me reflect on my personal choices, evaluate my strengths, and create my personal purpose. If you have time then I suggest that you take a few minutes to answer the questions that Louis Efron asked everyone during the event and I hope they make you think.

  1. What gets me out of bed in the morning?
  2. If I didn’t need money, what would I do in life?
  3. What am I most interested in and speak most enthusiastically about?
  4. What do I want others to remember me for?
  5. When in my life have I been so passionately focused on an activity that I lost track of what I was doing?
  6. What do I believe I do best?
  7. What do others believe I do best?