Tyler what brings you joy?  I really enjoy seeing and experiencing new “things”, people or places.  In particular, in terms of places I love being far away from “civilization” and anywhere closer to nature.  I enjoyed the opportunity to work for netlogx out in New Mexico. I experienced the beauty of nature, by hiking and exploring the mountains and trails. Very different to Indianapolis, although I enjoy being back here with friends and family. I have just returned from my first trip to Europe, where I visited Krakow in Poland, Prague, and Munich. It was a phenomenal trip on many levels, although I am still reeling from having to pay to use the bathrooms!

What are you most afraid of? Although I am young, I am very conscious of how little time there seems to be to do everything I want to do. This is amplified by the fact that I haven’t yet identified everything that I want to do! My biggest fear is getting to the end of my life and realizing that there are still items on my bucket list and feeling frustrated that I have not achieved all I have planned for.

 What would you like to learn? I grew up in small town Indiana with the mentality of “this is how this is done” inherited from a close knit family and community. The more I do, the more I see that there are a million ways to do things. I want to learn the different ways people live life and how they operate. Different cultures bring different methods, they are not wrong, just different.

Who or what inspires you? I am inspired by people who know what they want and what they enjoy doing and so they make it happen on a daily basis. It must be so satisfying to work at what you love every day. When I was in college I had a small t shirt company. When we sold a t shirt the buyer was able to submit a wish. At the end of the month we randomly pulled a wish out of the collection we had and made it happen using the profits we had made. It was not the most successful business model, however, it was very satisfying, and lots of fun, watching people experience their personal goals, for example: skydiving.

If you could talk to your teenage self what would you say? Well even though I am only 24 looking back I wish I had paid more attention at school, both high school and college! I could have gotten so much more from it. (Share that with your teenagers at home and look for resonance!)

What is your favorite book/movie and why? My favorite book is ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’. Written by Bill Bryson, who frequently writes about travel and whose books I generally enjoy. In this particular book he takes complex scientific theories and connects them to human emotions, simplifying them to facilitate understanding and heightening the reader’s awareness of their world.

What would you, or have you written on the netlogx before I die board? I have not written on the board, however I see that many people do and I enjoy reading it. I remain too busy trying to identify all that I want to do in life. I may be able to contribute something in the future when I have made concrete decisions.

What do you understand by Diversity? For me this means taking the shared knowledge that multiple people have from their own life experiences and cultures and solving problems with solutions that benefit from that diverse thought pool.