What a day!  As I walk into the Skyline meeting room for the final Team Building Meeting of the year, I am greeted with the sounds of beautiful Christmas songs.  While I guess you might expect to hear those songs in December, these tunes were being presented live by fellow netlogx musicians, indeed, a full band.  Outstanding!

As I make my way around the room, I see folks that have traveled from Florida, New Mexico and Michigan to join the day’s events.  Smiling faces, ugly Christmas sweaters and holiday cheer abounds.  The atmosphere is festive!

The business meeting begins with our MC, Tara Morse, leading us through the morning activities.   While I appreciate all the Team Building Meetings, this one was particularly special.  We delve into one of our key operating principles, accountability, which is so vital to our team’s success and each of us to flourish individually.  Next we listen as our owners did an interview with our netlogx coach Lynn Zettler, which gives us a deeper glimpse into the year in review and the dedication and philosophy that drives the organization.

As the morning continues, we are debriefed on how seriously and justly netlogx addresses compensation packages, which requires both art and science.  It is quite remarkable to me to realize the level of time, effort and treasure that is put forth by the organization to discover the right solution for the company as a whole and also as individual contributors.   I am grateful!

Finally, we hear from our cycler extraordinaire, brother Bob Sharpe.  Bob shared his testimony of how he transformed his life from a physical fitness standpoint, that ultimately became a passion for riding and leading a healthy life.  It is a fabulous and inspiring story to hear!

The highlight of the business meeting for me is the unveiling of the Chabotwskie Award!  This is the first year that this has been presented, but surely will become a most coveted recognition, as it speaks to the essence of netlogx and our operating principles. Brother Jim Dunn is the recipient of the prestigious inaugural award, as his deeds have exemplified those characteristics of what it means to be a netlogx team member.  Way to go, Jim!

Throughout the remainder of the business day folks are assembled in various rooms throughout the netlogx office for multiple, yet essential training activities available.  While I love the opportunity that netlogx feeds my desire of being a life-long learner with these training sessions, often the even more important result that flows from these activities is that we are able to grow closer together as individuals.  Good stuff!

Our night ended with much camaraderie, storytelling, laughs, food and drink.  I remarked to Nick Taylor after dinner what a great day it had been.   The culmination of the day’s events, I suspect, was invigorating and inspiring for all, a testimony to the essence of being a part of the netlogx family.   Peace!