The December Team Building meeting revealed some unforeseen surprises about members of the netlogx team. The day began with the netlogx holiday band welcoming the team to breakfast at the Skyline Club. The band consisted of a drummer, three guitarists, and three singers. Who knew such talent existed in our team?! Following a great breakfast, we traveled back to the corporate office and when we arrived, one team member shared a basket of homemade cookies with the team. Let me tell you, they looked like they had been made by Martha Stewart!

Upon returning to the workday and starting our breakout sessions, I was pleasantly surprised when an unexpected colleague led a session on facilitation. It was wonderful to see her grow with confidence into her current role at netlogx. The next session was a storyboard activity where we divided into small groups and described where we saw netlogx heading in the future. Although the storyboards contained different components, many of the themes were similar, including diversity, customer service, working as a team, and increased growth. I was pleased to hear that each team member is moving in the same general direction; forward!

The day ended with a dinner party at The Milano Inn, which sadly closed its doors on 12/31/2016 (perhaps the netlogx team pushed the restaurant to its limit!). It was a great opportunity to get to know team members and significant others outside of the usual work setting. I learned that one team member’s spouse is a photographer. Another team member had some crazy travel experiences en route to Indianapolis. Another new team member has just gotten married and moved; along with starting a new job, he has a lot on his plate!

Tabatha 2

Looking back at my career with netlogx, I remember the 1st holiday party where we were only big enough to fill two small tables. Who would have guessed that 7 ½ years later, we’d fill the upstairs of the Milano Inn!