March is the month set aside to celebrate women.  This makes personal sense to me as I was raised in England with Mothering Sunday being observed on the fourth Sunday in Lent. This year it is observed on March 26th. As we approach International Women’s Day on March 8th, the 2017 theme of #BeBoldForChange excites me.  I love all the 2017 challenges:

  •   I’ll challenge bias and inequality
  •   I’ll campaign against violence
  •   I’ll forge women’s advancement
  •   I’ll celebrate women’s achievement
  •   I’ll champion women’s education

As I think back on the influential women in my life, there are many who come to mind for various reasons; my Mum and my Aunts, the single policewomen who moved into her own house when I was a teenager (oh the possibilities…), and the nuns in high-school who said we needed to live up to our intellectual potential. I will forever be grateful for the encouragement and knowledge they have shared with me from the time I was a little girl through to adulthood.

However to be successful, it is important to acknowledge and recognize the men who have been champions of not only me being successful but who champion all women being successful.  First, in the list and my biggest champion is my husband and business partner – thank you for all the love, support and sacrifice, Nick.

I encourage you to embrace change and find ways to make our world a better place one human at time.  No doubt you’ve worked out my focus is on girls and women.  For example I recently, had the pleasure of mentoring college-aged women. Their drive and determination to succeed in their chosen fields has inspired me to review my goals and dreams.

It is important to remember we are all leaving a legacy by our actions and deeds so make it your best work. Finally, I believe it is in many small gestures not through big campaigns that change happens.  So, I would like to share some ideas to review and act upon if they speak to you:

  • Select a non-profit or worthy cause to become involved with – I challenge you to give whatever available resources you have to an organization, or cause you believe in, and feel would make a positive change in our world.
  • Register to be a donor for organ, eye, tissue, marrow, platelet and blood donation. What a great way to change a person’s life.
  • Pay It Forward – You hear stories about someone buying the person behind them in a drive thru line their coffee. Or the person who pays off past due utility bills.
  • Of course there are other ways to pay it forward. Share your wisdom and experience – I bet each day you can share good information via word of mouth. After all this is the world’s most powerful marketing tool.
  • Leave Something Good Behind – you can only imagine how it may change the person who is the recipient of your gift.
    • If you’re done reading your magazine or newspaper, leave it behind for someone else to read.
    • If you buy a soda from the vending machine, leave some spare change behind for the next person to use.
    • If you stop by a colleague’s office and they’re not there, leave them a note wishing them a good day.
    • When you eat at a restaurant, leave a generous tip.