As I sit here in February, listening to the thunderstorms outside, it does not feel like Winter has ever started this year.  I just heard today that the city of Chicago has had snow accumulation every year for the past 143 years in January and February, until 2017.  There has been no snow.  As we enter into the Spring months, will we even notice the difference in change from Winter to Spring? I can adamantly say, “YES”.

I always look forward to those sunny and warm breezy days the mark the end of the dreary season and the beginning of exciting new things.  The beginning of March, to a runner, means running season is about to get busy. The Indy 500 Mini-Marathon is one of the country’s largest half marathon and is now less than nine short weeks away.  I have a friend who is 70 years old this year and is planning to run the Indy 500 Mini-Marathon, she runs regularly, but only 3-5 miles.  She is planning to run the half marathon at 70 years old – now that is inspiring!  Inspiration from an avid runner and inspiration from the transition in seasons is all it takes to get this runner pounding the pavement.

It is so awesome to feel the cool mornings where shorts can be worn for running, although that happened in January and February this year.  To run through the neighborhoods and parks and begin to see the buds on the barren trees and the little tiny sprouts on the Spring flowers that are ready to burst into full bloom in a few weeks creates the motivation to get out there and run.  Those are sure signs that the peak running season is upon us.

It is also that time of year to remember those almost forgotten New Year’s resolutions to run three times per week, to run in a 5K, to run in a half marathon for the first time.  Find a friend who has a similar goal, join an online group with a similar goal, make yourself accountable to someone by checking in with your progress every day.  A resolution without a plan is just a dream. Whatever that fitness and running resolution set back in January was, Spring is the best time of the year to turn those resolutions into reality.  Make a plan and make it happen. Find someone who is inspiring and follow their lead.